Why Virtual Consulting?

Virtual Consulting

Consultants can be difficult for a small/mid-size company to manage. The recruiting, selection, physical space, equipment, access to information, communication, badging and daily management can impact the important work your team needs to focus on.

At B2i we help resolve that problem by recruiting and managing Virtual Consultants – geographically diverse experts that provide surgical precision to your project.

The model was originally conceptualized by studying the advertising industry. For decades, advertising agencies have sourced pieces for projects to experts. Few agencies, for example, employ in-house photographers. Instead the source out the work to the appropriate style. Virtual Project Management follows much the same principle. By layering in proven methods for managing remote teams -Agile Project Mangement, digital Kanban task boards, Scrum huddles – our teams are able to work on exactly the work that needs to be done at the time.

How it Works:

  • A Virtual Project Manager (VPM), local to your company, is your single point of contact
  • The VPM first analyzes the scope of the project and helps correctly identify the resources needed and budget available
  • Accessing the B2i Ventures international network of Virtual Consultants, the VPM assembles a  project team of resources, assigns tasks using an Agile Kanban, and begins managing the project via daily Scrum huddles
  • All work is managed by the B2i Ventures VPM; scheduling, deliverables, milestones, invoicing and quality is delivered to the client via a single point of contact – eliminating the distraction of having your team stop working on their daily tasks to train new resources

Why Virtual Consulting?

  • Significantly lower costs.
    • Blended rates are typically 25%-75% less than hiring a team of locally housed resources
    • No cash outlay for new equipment – we provide all of our own equipment, subscription tools, project management software, time management software and communication software
    • No travel costs
  • Instant Expertise. A B2i Ventures Project Manager;
    • Must have demonstrable experience as a leader – typically a former Director or above
    • Must be able to contribute as well as lead. If a Virtual Consultant were to fail, our quality pledge to our clients ensures that the works will still be completed on time and on budget – our VPM teams are senior technology experts
    • Must have international business experience. Typically a VPM will speak at least one non-native language


Virtual Consulting isn’t for every company or every project. Companies that rely on physical line-of-sight management style, paper processes and hours of planning conference calls will struggle to adjust to the efficient pacing of a Virtual Project. For companies that are not ready for Virtual Consulting, B2i Ventures has a number of highly reviewed consulting and staffing firms that we partner with.

The most successful projects using the Virtual Consulting model are IT projects. Specifically, IT projects that need specialized skills. For example; on a recent project for a video game company B2i Ventures provided a team of 16 comprised of QA testers, game developers, creative writers and a business analyst. The team spanned the globe with members in London, South Africa, Boston, Kansas City, India and, Mexico. Similar projects include integration (web services) specialists, tech writers, testers, web developers, mobile app specialists and, business intelligence.

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