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Q: What does B2i mean?

A: Business to (2) Individual is a concept that begins with the idea that technology is primarily a very individual experience for the user. It also describes the need for the technology employed by a company to meet the needs of the individuals it serves. Unlike the more familiar B2C which encompasses the relationship a business has with its customer, B2i is an expression that extends the relationship of the companies technology to the employee-as-a-customer.

Q: What are your rates?

A: As with any company our rates depend on the type of project. We consider complexity, market availability of resources, overall time dedicated to the project and other factors. In general, our rates range from $75/hour to $150/hour. What makes B2i Ventures unique is that that hourly rate is a single rate for every resource on your project and that rate is consistent for the entire project.

Q: Can my team work with other members besides the Virtual Project Manager? 

A: Yes, however, the primary benefit of working with B2i Ventures is that single point of contact that is our Virtual Project Manager. Since our teams are comprised of international consultants there are times when your VPM may be working with team members at 1:00 AM, depending on the consultant’s time zone.  In addition, many of our VPMs are multi-lingual and may conduct meetings in a foreign language. Nevertheless, we welcome our clients to meet with all of their team if they need to.