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B2i Ventures is always looking for veteran consultants, application developers, software testers, training and development leaders, security experts and other certified technical professionals to join our team. Since so much of our work is performed remotely we gladly accept applications from around the world.

Please note that we DO NOT post open positions. Our contracts are often exclusive and typically are not advertised by our clients. In rare cases we will assist clients with permanent placement, however, our primary focus is the business of consulting and contract work.

Why B2i?

The nature of work is changing and at B2i we believe in the adage ‘adapt or die’. After years of developing a successful solo practice our founder, Doug Richards honed a systematic approach to rapidly diagnose problems and apply solutions to any technical problem. Unlike traditional consulting firms that rely on a ‘butts-in-seats’ approach to problem-solving – essentially looking for 75-80% of the expertise required in a single resource, hoping the rest can be learned on-site – we assemble a value chain of experts, each providing input only when needed. In this way, we are very different from a normal agency in that you may be supporting between two and six projects during a single day (unless you are the on-site project leader).

The idea is actually simple. Imagine a Regus office. Multiple companies delivering various products and services all under a single roof. There are common needs that are shared; phone screening, receptionist, printers, conference rooms, wi-fi and various other professional needs that may be cost-prohibitive to a single owner but tolerable as a cost shared across the many companies in that Regus office. The B2i Ventures model is, at its core, very similar to that shared service arrangement but for consulting. Our clients understand this type of business and enjoy the value we offer.

Some of the benefits of working with B2i Ventures include; earning some the highest rates in the market, project based completion incentives, the ability to work anywhere there is high-speed internet and the ability to do exclusively what you love.

PLEASE READ: This is not a lifestyle for someone that is risk adverse or needs a predictable approach to work. Our consultants are expected to be leaders capable of self-managing their own success.

For immediate consideration send your resume to